Starting in 2013, Prof. Wüthrich, and with time the members of his unit, specifically Dr. Dongsheng Liu, pursued discussions / negiogations about the configurations of the NMR instruments, the personnel needed and the location of the instruments. The iHuman NMR facility includes two state-of-the-art Bruker NMR instruments:

  •  An 800 MHz instrument equipped with room temperature 5 mm and 1.7 mm probeheads.
  •  A 600 MHz instrument equipped with a 5 mm cryo-probe which is optimized for 19F detection as well as for 1H, 13C, 15N triple resonance experiments, and a 5 mm quadruple resonance room temperature probehead.

The NMR instruments were delivered to ShanghaiTech University on November 29, 2016. After one month of installation, they were put into service. The iHuman NMR team has been played a key role in setting up NMR-based research. During the past half year, it has installed training courses for NMR lab users, made sure that students can record NMR experiments independently, and offered help to other groups of iHuman in using the NMR facility.    


                    600MHz                                            800MHz 

NMR Core Engineer: Lingyun Yang

Contact: yangly@shanghaitech.edu.cn