Our research interests include deciphering the signaling pathways of G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) in human cells, with an emphasis on GPCR signaling in developmental biology. My lab will employ the cutting-edge technologies in GPCR structural biology and leverage extensive collaborations with other research groups to explore the critical involvement of GPCRs in embryogenesis and tissue homeostasis regulation, and the direct relevance of dysregulation of GPCR signaling to numerous human diseases.


Research Direction

  • The major interest of our lab is focused on the Frizzled family GPCRs – a non-canonical class of receptors – to decipher their structures, ligands, and signaling in the cells.
  • We employ membrane protein crystallography as the central technology, and combine other biochemical, biophysical, and cell biology methods to probe the structure-function relationship of our targets.

Our Mission

  • Understand the molecular mechanism of Frizzled family receptors in human development and cancer.
  • Discover new ligand and drug candidates.
  • Help the students and young scientists to realize their research/career goals.


                                   Fig 1. Frizzled family GPCRs and their roles in embryonic development and cancer

Fig 2. Overall Smoothened Structure and the CRD ligand binding groove